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10 Keys to Selling Anything

10 Keys to Selling AnythingAs usual, James Altucher does a great job of making his point. If you’re in sales, then you need to read not only his post, but through the comments as well. 

Seems like everyone has an opinion about salespeople, their choice of profession, and even the best ways to avoid dealing with sales folks of all persuasions.

He begins by saying he doesn’t believe you can be both a good negotiator and a great salesperson – at least, he can’t. 

He then goes on to give us some personal examples and a reasonable explanation for his belief; that is, that salespeople are always looking for a “yes” while negotiators are more than happy to continue to say “no” in as many ways as necessary to get the job done.

I don’t see it that way.

Instead, I see sales and negotiation as two sides of the same coin.

Both require great personal awareness and the ability to read people. Both need to be better at listening than at talking. Both should be interested in achieving a mutually desired outcome.

Anyway, read the latest on sales courtesy of James.

Trust me, you’ll get a lot out of it.

And, if you are actively involved in sales. manage a sales force, or even help with training brand new shiny salespeople, you can learn much from his article and from the comments. 

Discussing those comments would make a great team assignment for a sales group.

Here’s James (click the link). Enjoy.

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