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Choose Yourself

Choose YourselfMondays are usually full of great posts and thought provoking articles. Not from me, you understand. I'm lucky if I get up before noon on Monday.  I know - hard life, right?

But thankfully, most of the folks I read spend more than a little time over the weekend planning what they’d like to say when the work week begins. And it shows.

Two who write head-scratching posts with irritating regularity are James Altucher  (www.jamesaltucher.com)    – who I introduced to you last time – and Hugh Macleod (www.gapingvoid.com).  I always expect great things from these two and today is certainly no exception.

James inspired the title to this post, but I want to begin with Hugh’s point that “Creativity Comes Last”. 

Hugh is simply saying that we are all better off just doing the work and letting the chips fall where they may.  What I mean is that value, whether judged as “creative” or not, is for others to say. Hugh goes on to make this point: “You can’t plan for creativity. You can only plan to do the work.”

Exactly. Just get it done. No excuses. What are you waiting for?

James has published eight books in the past seven years and offers this piece of advice: “Nobody needs to pick you.  You pick yourself.”

Are you getting the idea that these guys have little patience for whining? Think they’ve heard all they want to hear about why you can’t write your book, build your company, become the leader you need to be?

Me too.

Hey, this isn’t high school. You don’t have to raise your hand for permission or stand quietly in the corner hoping you won’t get chosen last.  So, pick up your pen, sign up for that leadership conference, and begin working “on” your company instead of “in” it.

We all wait too long for too many things. Telling people we care about that we love them, forgiving those who’ve wronged us, and even standing up for ourselves.

Some of us will waste our lives away waiting. We wait for the right time, the right place, the right opportunity. 

Listen up: There is no perfect time, perfect product, or perfect pitch. There’s just now.

Choose yourself.


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